Living Walls

Vertical Landscaping

Living walls are fast becoming popular not only commercially but also in private gardens. Urban gardens are becoming smaller and smaller resulting in less useable garden space. Making use of vertical structures such as a garage wall or even an internal wall by installing a green ‘Piece of Art’ can totally transform a space.



There are many advantages to have a living wall installation in your property such as:

• Insulating properties

• Longer life facades

• Enhances property value

• Fire resistance

• Protects from elements of rain and wind damage

• Biodiversity in the urban area habitats

• Breeding and nesting possibilities

• Offsets carbon footprint

• Air purification

• Can be included in the BREEAM rating

• Lowers the heat island effect in the urban area

• Recyclable

• Utilises rain water harvesting

• Reduces smog from traffic fumes

• Provides protection for flora and fauna

• Provides noise attenuation

There are different ways that living walls can be constructed however we prefer to used a tried and tested hydrophilic soil based system. The ANS system is also modular with an integrated irrigation system so that maintenance or any repair that may be required in the future is straight forward and simple. We would supply and undertake a maintenance schedule for installed walls that can be complex.